Having suffered from a very painful left frozen shoulder for almost a year and having been prescribed various supposedly pain killing medications from my GP and well meaning pharmacists, all seemed to no avail. The pain was constant and intense particularly at nighttime. For the first time in my life I decided to explore the possibilities of complimentary healing. From the Internet I found Barbara Ann, Healer and Gem Therapist. I decided to book an appointment with her. After just one hours session with her I began to feel a vague easing in the pain I had suffered for almost a year and that night I had the best nights sleep ever!  I booked a further five sessions with her over the following weeks, and after each, I found the pain levels reduced to almost non-existent. Thank you Barbara Ann, I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and work colleagues and I am sure that with life’s knocks and bruises, I shall see you again.    Christopher C (London)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the session yesterday, I was feeling horrific and I cannot believe the transformation. I felt physically lighter and cleared when I left. I slept really well and have had a completely different mindset today. I cannot even convey the relief it has given. Thank you for working your magic once again. You really do the most wonderful work. I felt so desperate before I came to see you.

Jancis C. London

Just wanted to send a quick thank you for your course at the weekend. It really was a wonderful way to spend two days- really inspirational. There’s so much to learn about. Thank you so much!
Jancis C. London

This is to say thank you for working with me on Friday. Whatever was released was pretty core and while I clear it from my system I will do my best to remember that I’m releasing and it will pass and I will feel better eventually. Thank you thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou
N. London

I would like to thank you for running the reiki classes for us which were much appreciated by all. We will hopefully pursue the practice to the benefit of a wider group. It was lovely meeting you and I do hope that our paths will cross again one day soon. Take care. Big hug.
Ruby P. Seychelles

Thank you so much for all the love and energy you put into making the weekend such an amazing experience. You are a truly incredible person with the most wonderful energy and I so enjoyed the Reiki 1 workshop. I feel very privileged and lucky to have met you. It’s taken me a while to be sure about the best way to move forwards with reiki and I’m so glad that I found you and decided to take a step back so I can move forwards on this journey with more confidence. Reiki had already taught me an enormous amount about myself and hekped me to make some very important decisions in my life but I felt a real shift in myself and my energy over the weekend and I’m so excited about where this is going to take me! I think most of all you taught me to trust my intuition (and bring a bit more discipline into my life!) and I can’t wait to develop this a lot further. I look forward to seeing you at many meditations, shares and workshops in the future. Thanks again for making the weekend so special and I look forward to seeing you again very soon.
Kat A. London

Thank you so much for everything at the mastership weekend. It was a truly amazing experience and, once again, I’m feeling like a new person. So much has cleared from my energy system since the weekend and I’m feeling happier and closer to my true self than ever before. The energy is so different and the experiences I’m enjoying already so profound. Plenty I’d love to be able to share with you when we next meet. Look forward to seeing you at the next meditation evening.
Kat A. London

Thank you for one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Last weekend opened a new world to me that I never knew existed. I now feel fantastic and able to cope with anything the world has in store for me.
Brian S. London

Thank you so much for the wonderful experiences I made in your workshop. That has changed my life fundamentally. Something which was lacking and underdeveloped has been revealed. I know that is only the very beginning. I feel like standing at the entrance of a new world still to be experienced and a lot to learn and develop. I also enjoyed the lovely atmosphere and having met so very sympathetic people.

So I am looking forward to learn more in your classes. I had already the chance to experience the beneficial effects of being connected with higher spiritual realms in several problematic situations. For my further learning and development, I am looking forward to joining more classes. Please let me know of your workshop programme and what would fit for me. Thank you again so much. Lots of love!
Gabriele W. Austria

Just like to take the time to thank you for an amazing evening that really moved me emotionally which i think is a sign that you helped shift some old stuck emotions since you saw me weep a tear. There was an overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness which was electric.
R.T. London

Many thanks for the session today – I thoroughly enjoyed it (looks like I’m having more fun already!)
T. London

I was one of your Reiki students for Reiki I and II in 1999. At the time I was a student at oxford, and I often remember your amazing teaching and what a life changing experience those Reiki weekends were for me.

I regularly come back to London, and I wonder if you ever do refresher courses, or it would be possible to come to you for some more Reiki teaching. I would really like to have Reiki in my life again.
Mia F. Los Angeles

Thank you for such a great workshop – it really helped to consolidate knowledge already acquired and also brought in such great vibrant light. Thank you thank you.
You are a great and patient, enlivening and lovely teacher.

I. M. London

There has been a huge shift for me in the last 6months and your help before and during this time has been immeasurable. I am much stronger and happier and hugely relieved to have escaped such a dark place with full knowledge.
I.M. London

I am glad that I went to your course, even if I had a lot of doubts. I think people need you here in Sweden, because I (we) are not grounded, just spacey.
That’s what I feel. All this Ancient information wants to come out to people now, I think… in a possible way for our bodies.

K.L Stockholm Sweden

Thank you for an amazing weekend! I can really feel the difference already, although I’m sooo tired. I feel lighter 🙂 Have started the clearing as well, but breathing through it and doing the seal and the connection to above and below, so all good.
Helena L Sweden