Univrsal Rainbow Life ForceReiki 1 is a powerful Initiation. You will be taught the traditional Usui System and in addition Higher Ascension Techniques that will give you deeper healing and expanded understanding. This wonderful  Experience will re-connect you to the Divine light that lies deep within your souls essence and your highest healing potential, accelerating your own Healing process and Ascension, transforming your life. You will experience a whole new flow of energy in your life. During this intense 2-day workshop you will rediscover your own healing power to heal yourself, physically mentally and spiritually. You will be taught to heal yourself and others. On completion of this course you will receive a certificate and a manual.  You can also take advantage of the ongoing support and advice during our evening meetings such as:

Open Reiki Healing Evenings, where Students at all Reiki levels get together to share experiences and to heal those in need or those who just wish to experience the beautiful Reiki energy. A warm welcome will be extended to your family and friends.

Reiki Share Evenings, which are organized by students ‘themselves’. This is a great opportunity to be amongst like-minded people to share and heal one another.

Evening Meditation Workshops are held monthly. All of these gatherings are extremely popular and amongst the students and are very well attended.