2004_0612Image0013This 2-day workshop will teach you to understand your “Energy Anatomy”. We will talk about Chakras, Meridians, Transmission Lines, Kundulini, Hara Line and Hara points and how they all relate to the physical body, emotions, illnesses and diseases.

We will work towards correcting energy misalignments, affecting the physical body and then create new energy circuits into the body. We then can re-connect to points of higher dimensional frequencies and awareness, enabling us to bring in more balance, accelerating our healing process and to download divine guidance and divine information.  We will use mudras and sound tones to open and heal our Chakras. We will also re-pattern our Core Star. Our body cells can only be regenerated into greater light and acceleration of vibratory frequency if energy distortions of our soul’s past experiences are cleared and released from our body’s energy anatomy

Using specific life current activating Meditations, Breath Work and Toning will help you to achieve a higher state of awareness and consciousness, clearing unwanted blockages and debris from your system, accelerating spiritual growth immensely. You will feel radiant, more energized and cope better with ascension changes.  Your body will begin to regenerate.