Floatig fairyNature’s Gift To Health And Harmony

These beautiful essences have been individually prepared and energised with Love and Care by Barbara Ann with the help of her Spirit Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters. They can be prepared especially for each person’s needs. The method of making essences was rediscovered in the 1930’s. By using this wondrous gift we can heal our mind, emotions and physical body. These remedies will help to release blockages and promote our own natural healing process, surrendering our mind and emotions to a more positive, harmonious state.

Please note, there is a minimum order of 2 Items. Postage and packing for the UK is currently charged at £1.80 per item. I will need to cancel and refund any items that do not fulfil this criteria.

£15.00 per 100ml spray protector bottle plus P&P

£13.50 per 25ml bottle plus P&P

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Flower & Gem EssencesAURA & ROOM ATOMISER ‘PROTECTOR SPRAY’ A combination of various Flower essences blended with beautiful fragrances of essential oils. It helps to give protection, disburses negative thought forms and cleanses your room and aura from negative vibrations.

GOLD STAR This flower/gem combination is a powerful healer and restorer of balance. It aids to regenerate the body as a whole and attracts positive energy in he aura. It focuses on the heart and helps to heal your emotions and internal wounds, helps to ease anger, tension and stress. This essence is good for the circulation, nervous and muscular system; consequently it energizes the heart, kidneys liver and lungs. It assists the body in absorbing all vitamins and minerals.

RECOVERY+ A combination of 7 different Bach flower essences: Cherry Plum, Hornbeam, Impatiens, Larch, Clematis, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem. It restores balance, bringing confidence and calm in stressful times, minimising the effect of shock, fear and trauma. Helpful to take before tests or examinations.  Keep this remedy at hand for any kind of emergencies. This essence is also beneficial to animals. It does not take the place of medical attention.

CRAB APPLE & PINE A physical, mental and spiritual cleanser. Eases skin disorders and blemishes It washes away mental anguish, negative thoughts and feelings of guilt and unworthiness This essence brings peace to ones mind.

DAHLIA  & RUBY (Out of stock) This combination boosts your strength! It releases blocked energy and moves it up through the body to the head and crown Chakra, to be utilised for a more useful and higher purpose. It opens and works on all levels of the heart, giving back balance, strength and focus. Helpful when practising Qi Gong, Yoga or any type of Energy work.

PHLOX For those who find it difficult to speak up and out, or suffer throat problems. This remedy penetrates deep into the heart, releasing negative emotions, issues of fear and self worth, allowing to express deeply buried feelings.

FUCHSIA (Out of Stock) This powerful karmic cleanser is for those who have pain, grief, anger, deep-seated trauma and rejection buried within, touching the very core of the cause and transforming it into light, giving understanding and healing.

PINK  & YELLOW ROSE This very powerful essence works through the heart  and Solar Plexus, helping to release and dissolve deeply rooted karmic fear, giving back courage and confidence.

LILY (Out of Stock) This essence will help those who have already worked on their spiritual growth, but find themselves in a spiritual crisis, with feelings of doubt, low self-esteem, anxiety and isolation. Lily gives back your confidence and strength to carry on,  knowing that you have conquered another hurdle.

MOONY BLUE This is an extremely strong motional cleanser. It brings deep-rooted imbalances to the surface, helping to heal emotional and physical wounds, leaving you more grounded and active.

YARROW This flower essence offers protection against any environmental hazards, such as electro-magnetic radiation from computers and fluorescent lights, It protects against negative thought forms from psychic attack or extreme emotions. It balances the upper and lower poles in the body and strengthens the aura, especially when applied externally.

LOOSESTRIFE This wonderful essence brings stability and grounding, especially to those who are spiritually orientated and whose crown Chakra is already open. It aligns the lower three Chakras enabling spiritual information to be received. OLIVE This Remedy restores mental and physical strength, when exhausted or tired after a hard days work, stressful times or during convalescence from illness.

GODDESS ESSENCE This powerful Essence was borne from the volcanic lava of Hawaii. I wandered across the lava fields, when I picked up a few pieces which were still warm and was guided to keep them to prepare an essence from this molten core of our Mother Planet. This Goddess Essence will help to heal and balance your feminine force, aligning you to your own inner God & Goddess balancing, masculine and feminine energy. It will also assist in restoring  your clarity which will then deepen your psychic abilities giving back strength and power.