I have added a beautiful and exciting Aura/Room Spray to my collection. I have named this elixir ‘EARTH STAR’, as it aids & fortifies your connection and alignment to Mother Earth. It strengthens to regenerate your Energy Field & Body, giving a sense of warmth, peace, nurturing & protection. As all other Remedies, EARTH STAR Spray is homemade and energized by me with loving care.
The ingredients are a combination of Flower/Lava Essences and Essential Oils.
Flower/Lava Essences:
YARROW – offers protection from environmental hazards & negative thought forms. Strengthens body & aura.
GODDESS ESSENCE – a powerful Essence, borne from the volcanic lava of Hawaii. It balances Yang & Ying energy, restoring feelings of security, strength and clarity.
LOOSESTRIFE – aligns the lower three Chakras bringing stability, grounding and alignment. Promotes emotional and physical healing by harmonizing and balancing the energy centers in the body.
Essential Oils:
Orange Sweet – Uplifting Mind & Body, bringing a deep Sense of Security, Joy and Peace. Used to enhance complexion of the skin & combats wrinkles & fluid retention.
YLANG YLANG – Calming, restores self-esteem, confidence and balances male & female energies. Medical uses, regulates heartbeat and promotes thick, lustrous hair.
SIBERIAN FIR NEEDLE – Creates a feeling of grounding, anchoring & empowerment. Used for Respiratory infections, pain relief and is anti-fungal.
Flower/Gem Essences and Aura sprays are a unique, ideal and aromatic gift for friends and family and as the festive Season is just around the corner it makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

UK Postage £3.90 is charges up to 5 items of 50ml Sprays or Flower/Gem Essences.
Up to 3 items for 100ml Spray.
Additional items are charged at current post office rate.