Reiki is a powerful ancient healing technique and means Universal Life Force. By working ‘with hands’ on or off the body and channelling the Universal Life Force, profound healing can be achieved. This Healing Energy helps to release stress, tension, aches and pains. It also assists in the healing of physical, emotional and mental illnesses and diseases.

Barbara Ann C.V.M. (Dip) is a Healer, Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher with many years experience, she gives PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS during which she incorporates the use of crystals. She can help to remove present or past life traumas and blockages. All Chakras are aligned and cleansed leaving you in balance and harmony.

She is a member of the Independent Professional Therapist International and a qualified Flower & Gem Essence Therapist with a diploma certified by the College of Vibrational Medicine (Lon).


Reiki 1 is a powerful Initiation. During this 2-day workshop you will rediscover your own healing power to heal yourself, physically mentally and spiritually.


Reiki Initiation Level 2 opens you further to bring more healing energy through your body, enhancing your healing ability, intuition, giving more insight and inner knowing.


If you are minded to take your Spiritual Growth further to Reiki Mastership level, the Initiation will be held over a 2-day period.

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